What We’ve Found

What we’ve found is that most entrepreneurs who have been in business for 5 plus years have lost the excitement they had when they first started their business. Years later they are so wrapped up in their current business and day-to-day, non-value-added tasks that this prevents them from implementing new ideas and they lack the consistent follow through. This leads to frustration and stagnation within their business. 

What they really want is to be excited about their business again, increase profits, have more time to strategically grow their business, and pursue their passions.

But they think the problem is they don’t have enough cash or enough time to implement new ideas.

So, they end up becoming overwhelmed which leads them to do nothing, only focusing on short term distractions, or taking on more debt without considering why it’s needed or how its use will truly benefit the business.

But the real problem is they have no clear vision or plan.

What they need to do is define their vision for the business and create a clear business strategy. This will renew excitement about their business which will increase profits and improve efficiencies so they can effectively leverage their business resources and be able to lead a more fulfilling life.